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Samhain Mug Charm Set


It’s always almost Samhain at Jasper Prairie. It’s one of our favorite holidays and we can’t resist getting into the spirit! Bright orange jack-o-lanterns bring the fun, spiders and their webs bring the spookiness, and the dramatic red blood spatters have the scariness covered too. The veil may not be thinning yet, but these charms fill us with the spirit of Samhain all year long.

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The charms in each set are intended to be used one at a time, but they can also be combined. The sizes may vary slightly, as each charm is individually handmade with intent. The charms fit over the mug warmer buttons using a short, durable elastic loop which holds them in place. Set will include jack-o-lantern, blood spatter, and either a spider or a web charm. 


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